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Cancer. Anger.

I really don’t know what to say this week. I haven’t felt like writing, or doing much of anything.

A very good friend of mine has been diagnosed with cancer. Sarcoma of the stomach. The tumour is twisted up in her organs so surgery isn’t an option yet. Radiation and Chemo therapy is the path they are taking.

She’s in her early 30’s, has been married for less than 2 years and has 4 young children, the youngest little girl being a year old. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman, amazing mother and such a good friend to anyone who needs it. I have known her since my son was under a year old. When she was having her middle children, she was texting me both times.

I am fucking angry that this is happening to her. She has to fight this monstrous disease that is absolutely destroying her body. She has to put on a strong face for those 4 children who would be destroyed without their mom.

Why. Why does this fucking disease exist? How can a healthy, young mother be brought down by this bullshit. Her husband has had to leave work to get her to and from treatments and appointments, not to mention look after the kids because she is too weak. Money is being drained.


Her friend set up a Go Fund Me account for her. Even if you can’t donate please share the page. I know no one knows her and no one knows me for that matter, but she’s the world to so many people.


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