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Hate Hate Hate! Wtf, Covergirl???


Ever had a product make you physically angry while trying in vain to use it? Meet Total Tease mascara by Covergirl. The most useless, gimmicky product I have ever used. I don’t even know why I bought this. I should have known better. It’s a cool concept though, just totally fails in execution. Trying to fiddle with the brush so that it doesn’t leave a smudgey mess all over your eyes is infuriating. I actually yelled at this mascara. Who does that!!! The brush comes out of the tube with globs all over it, that little nubby brush is just a big black globby mess until you scrape it against the sides. There is no volume, there is no length…but there’s TONS of clumps! That little clump comb? Useless.


You can see the mess on my eyelids. You can see what a mediocre generic look this leaves.

Save your pennies. Loreal has a new mascara on the way that is absolutely incredible!!!


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