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PO Boxes and Donate Buttons

I am really leery when it comes to talking about Youtube and Youtubers on my blog. I don’t know these people, I don’t know if that is their true personality or anything about them.

I do know I’ve been getting really irritated by a quite a few lately. Not by their videos entirely, just by the intro or the closing. I think if they have mentioned a PO box once, that’s enough. Is it really necessary to make a point of mentioning their PO box every single video? “Please write to me, but don’t feel like you have to send me anything!”….(Young Wild and Polished, I’m looking at you here) Bull. Crap. If they legit don’t want people to send them things, they wouldn’t keep dropping their PO box info over and over again. They know damn well people are going to keep sending them products and little gifts and they’re manipulating every single person out there. Donate buttons (Ahem, ThriftThick) WHY do you have an active donate button if you “really don’t expect people to donate to you.”? Do they honestly think that’s a believable statement? I’m sorry, but if you not only activate a donate button on your channel, but then TALK ABOUT IT, you not only want donations, but you’re begging for them. You cannot create an entire video about how you don’t expect anything from your viewers when you’re throwing this crap all through your videos!!! Then to buy a $60 (U.S.) palette and continuously thank your viewers because you were able to but it purely through donations? What is even going on there???

I don’t know. Maybe I’m just a super irritable witch when it comes to Youtube. Some of them just piss me off.


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