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Revlon Lip Gel and a wedding…

Today my very best girl friend got married to her love of 18 years. It was a very small, quick ceremony at Town Hall and it was perfect. It was so awesome to see two people who have been together that long still so very much in love with each other.

I actually wore a dress. I hate dresses, but it gave me a reason to buy a new denim jacket that I absolutely love. I think I will be living in that jacket all spring.

I picked up a new lipstick for today. The Revlon Ultra HD Gel in Sand. It’s not as shiny as any pictures I have seen and the colour isn’t exactly what I was expecting, but I like it. Don’t even get your hopes up for lasting power though, because it doesn’t stay long at all. I put it on before I left, and again when I got downtown, and by the time the ceremony was over there was no trace of it at all. It’s not very slippy for a gel either. I don’t think I would buy another one but I will definitely use this one up.



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