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Rimmel Stay Matte – Day 1


While watching Risa Does Makeup March favourites video, she mentioned how oily her skin gets. Mine gets pretty bad, especially in warm weather, so I’m always open to new ideas to keep my skin from becoming a nasty oil slick throughout the day. She was talking about how the Nars primer didn’t really work for her, and then she mentioned the Rimmel London Stay Matter primer and how it worked soooo much better. Of course I had to buy it. I picked it up at Walmart for less than $8. It’s a white lotion looking primer, but when you apply it to your skin it feels a lot thicker than a lotion. I would compare it to Porefessional, but it feels thicker. It smooths into the skin easily enough and definitely gives a blurring effect.

What I first noticed was how much easier my foundation blended into my skin. I’m using the ELF Flawless Finish foundation, which is oil free, but not mattifying. By the end of the day I still had shine (I’ve come to accept that that is never going to change) but no where near what it usually is. This is right up there with Porefessional, maybe even better….I’ll have to give it more time, but so far, I am beyond impressed!


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