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Just a couple rambles…

I was going to call this a rant post, but I don’t really feel like it’s ranting. It’s my opinion and nothing more. After all, we’re all entitled to them.

Anyone reading this will notice eventually that I don’t post a lot of high end or Sephora products. I have nothing against Sephora, I spend a lot of time getting ideas and gazing at gigantic palettes I will never need. I’m a stay at home mom with a soon to be 10 year old (Though once he is able to stay home alone, that will change) and my husband works full time at a factory in town (because really, that’s all that there is in this town). The closest Sephora used to be a 60 minute or more drive away, depending on traffic. They added a new one though, so now it’s about 40 minutes. That’s one reason I don’t shop there, but in reality, I could always order online since you do get free shipping after spending only a small amount of money. I just don’t find it necessary. I mean, not to harp on these brands, but seriously I can go to Walmart or Shoppers Drugmart and find equally incredible products that do exactly the same thing that high end products are doing, at a fraction of the price. The Shoppers here does carry a small amount of high end, but nothing compared to the stores in bigger cities. Highlighters for example…I could go to Sephora and drop a dime on a Becca highlighter, or I can go to Shoppers and pick up the one from Essence Cosmetics that is blowing people out of the water. Lipsticks, lip glosses, blushes, eyeshadows…it’s the same story. I love makeup, I have drawers and drawers of it. Majority of it is drugstore and I’m quite happy with that. Why spend that much more money on one product when I can be equally as happy with a much less expensive product that gives me the same results.

Is it just me? Am I cheap…I prefer frugal 😉

Ok…this next part is a rant, I will admit that. I recently watched a video by an incredible Youtuber, Risa. It was a tutorial for hooded eyes. This woman changed my life and perspective on makeup all at once. One thing I have noticed about almost every single “famous” youtuber is that they all do the same looks, for the same face and eye shapes. The colours change, and that’s about it. When I came to that realization I was seriously annoyed. I had been so hard on myself for not being able to recreate their looks, when in reality, it wasn’t possible. I don’t have major hooded eyes where I have no eyelid at all, but I am the one with a not so defined crease. A transition colour ends up covering my entire eyelid. So, all these tutorials were not going to work, at no fault of my own. I watched Risa carefully and the next morning, it was like a light went off. It looked like hers and it looked good! I know I’m not the only one who discovered this incredible woman and her videos because she noticed a significant increase in subscribers and I’m beyond happy that other women have discovered these tricks. I have already become so much more confident in my eye makeup, I fully intend to venture into bright and bolder colours.

Nothing against these Youtube “gurus” but maybe look outside the box. Everyone is shaped differently, find someone you can understand and save yourself the frustration.

****Ok, this is REALLY ranting here. PR unboxing videos. WHY? We’re fully aware that you get sent free stuff all. the. time. Good on you. Who watches them without feeling some sort of resentment because others are trying and trying and trying to climb up to that level and getting no where? The disclaimers that you’re unbiased after a company sends you their entire newest collection? Bull. Don’t bite that hand that feeds you is my moto, and I can’t see a company being ok with someone slamming their products all over social media. (Maybe I’m wrong though, meh)


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