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Lash Primers

Eyelash primers are nothing new. I remember using double end mascara from Loreal and Maybelline years ago.


I wasn’t sure if I was going to bother with a lash primer on it’s own, but this one by Loreal was at my Walmart for less than $6 so I grabbed it up. I do like it, and I think it does make a difference. I don’t use a lash curler but I do use a curling mascara and this holds the curl much better than just the mascara on its own. I don’t think it really adds length, maybe some volume though. My lashes hold a lot better with this.


Hard Candy 1000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Primer. I remember liking this a lot more when it first came out. This doesn’t really seem to do anything for my lashes now. The fibers also irritate my eyes, too. I just bought this a couple weeks ago and have only used it a handful of times. It doesn’t add volume, or length like it claims. The Loreal primer is much cheaper and a much better option.


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