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J.R. Watkins buy


I know a girl who is a representative for J.R. Watkins. I figured I would order some things since I really do like supporting friends with their businesses.
What I bought was the Anti Aging body wash($9.99) and body cream($13.99). She threw in a Lemon bath and body oil, mini hand soap and body wash. I LOVE the lemon scent so much. It is such a sweet, creamy lemon scent. Not the sickly sweet fake lemon candy kind, just a good fresh scent. The body wash feels really soft and hydrating but sadly doesn’t leave a scent behind for long. The body oil has to be used on damp skin or else it won’t absorb and I keep forgetting not to dry off completely. When I do remember, it glides on wonderfully and leaves a b=very subtle scent. My skin definitely felt soft and hydrated all day.

The anti aging products…they smell VERY herbal with some lavender thrown in. I find I have to use more body wash than normal with this because it doesn’t want to lather up unless I have a lot on my sponge. Skin feels soft afterwards, but again it doesn’t leave a scent behind. The body cream is very, very thick and it can take a minute to rub it into skin and get it fully absorbed. It kind of skips over any places where your skin is totally dry. This does leave skin incredibly moisturized, and the scent does linger throughout the day.

I think the next time I order I will just order everything in the lemon scent.


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