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Love them, Hate them

Can I just give a massive shout out to Essence Cosmetics mascaras? I have yet to try one that didn’t absolutely blow me away. Lash Princess gives both incredible length and volume, lasts through the entire day without smudging and removes super easily. (I wore this to an air show in the hot sun on a tarmac all day, zero issues!) The False Lashes mascara is everything Lash Princess is but it gives you this amazing curl that holds literally from the time you put it on until you wash it off. You cannot go wrong with either of these. 

On the other end of the spectrum we have these two from Loreal. I know Voluminous is a staple and has a die hard fan base, but this is 100% my least liked mascara of all time. When I pull the wand out, there’s always a huge glob of product stuck to it. I have to clean the brush every single time. It doesn’t wash off properly at all. I used an oil based remover one morning when we were leaving Halifax, and when we hit Quebec and the sun hit my eyes they started watering. The pain was insane!! Horrible burning and black water running down my face. My eyes have never hurt as bad as they did with this. Voluminous Fibre Lashes is just a hideous, clumpy mess. I got one good eye day out of it and then it was just horrid. 

Essence Mascara is $5 at most, Loreal is pushing $14!! Save your money and go with Essence. 


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