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New products…that I’ll never see


What sucks about living in a small town is that we seriously get ripped off when it comes to new makeup releases. The closest Sephora is 45 minutes away, the closest Lush is about an hour (My 2 favourites)…Old Navy, The Body Shop, Toys R Us…all about an hour away. We miss out on a lot. Our mall consists of Metro, Sportcheck, Ricki’s Bootlegger and some other little insanely expensive stores that I never look twice at.

We have  Walmart that sells Hard Candy. However…they seriously lack in putting out new product. There are products that were released last year that we still haven’t seen on the shelves. I keep seeing everything on Instagram and it makes me really mad…well, more like jealous. I love Hard Candy products, I always have. If I could find a site that I could order the new products from, I’d be all over it.


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