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I need help!!!

I am getting married on September 2nd this year. The last few years it has been blazing hot those weekends. I know this year is supposed to be cooler (and rain!) but I’m on the hunt for a foundation that can keep my insanely oily skin at bay and keep my skin matte but not completely dead looking. I need long wearing because I definitely don’t want to be touching up during the day, because I won’t have time.

So, if you’re reading this and have any suggestions, high end or drugstore, please leave a comment with what you suggest!

Thank you darlings!


4 thoughts on “I need help!!!

  1. Try Revlon colorstay, I use that with flormar powder and my makeup stays put all day. Flormar might be difficult to get hold of coz it’s made in Turkey, in that case Revlon colorstay powder will work just fine.
    As a primer I use Nivea smooth sensation lotion and nothing else underneath my makeup.
    What’s your skin type? Mine is oily and I live in a tropical country.

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    1. My skin is oily, even in the winter here in Canada. Summer is even worse. I’ve heard about using Nivea as a primer but haven’t tried it. I’ve used Milk of Magnesia before and that worked really well but apparently it’s not good to put on your face.

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      1. The nivea product people love to use as primer is the aftershave balm, that never worked out for me.
        I’ve never tried milk of magnesia, but if it works for you, you should stick with it. It’s not a big deal if you’re putting it on for just one day.


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