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Huge Hits from CoverGirl

covergirl trunaked shadow palettes.PNG

I put off purchasing these palettes and I’m not sure why…I think it was because of the Maybelline palettes. I was too afraid to spend the money and be devastated again. It was like a heart break. Anyone who has bought the recently released The Rock Nudes will know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I digress. Shown here are the Trunaked Nudes, the Trunaked Goldens, and the Trunaked Roses. The only one I own are the Nudes, but I have played around with the other two and the newly released Trunaked Jewels (That BLUE. Omg!) These shadows are so soft and buttery and blend so well. I fully intent to purchase all of these palettes, plus anymore should they feel the need to release more (PLEASE!) The Nudes will give anyone from beginner to pro a perfect nude eye, smokey eye…or even a one shadow look.

The only drawback is that these are a little powdery. I haven’t had a problem with horrible fallout, whatever there is can easily be wiped off with a fan brush. Spray your brush with a setting spray, or even use water, and the shades are hugely intensified.

I seriously cannot recommend these palettes enough!


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